Monday, July 14, 2008

Bat Town

It was almost too hot to do much of anything this weekend. My pal B and I did some serious movie watching (Baghead at the Dobie and Swing Time at the Paramount), vegan eating (Mother's and Casa de Luz), and evening baseball watching (Round Rock Express getting pounded by the Oklahoma Redhawks). We also spent the early part of Saturday strolling South Congress and doing a bit of shopping. I need to stop doing stuff like that because I buy stuff.

The damage wasn’t too severe. A small antique desk lamp, a couple of succulent plants for some empty pots around the apartment, and this photo, which could not be ignored or left behind.

It is dated February 1972. I can tell that I’ll never tire of looking at it. Ever. It is perhaps the earliest lolcat. Maybe its caption should read, "Sevendys kitteh woold lik u to pass deh weed. Kthx, stay gruuuvy."

One particularly interesting development on Saturday was that I saw The Polar Bear Tray (yes, that one) in the flesh. This made me feel better about possibly purchasing it because (a) I’ve found it for cheaper online – which makes me think I’ve got a good deal on it if I do buy it, and (b) it looks lovely and more vivid than you would expect in person. I also got to hold one in my hands and inspect the material it’s made of (high pressure laminate over pressed wood and paper board). Very cool.

Speaking of pining after things, Uncommon Objects (home of the aforementioned lamp and kitty photo) had a gorgeous mid-century Danish modern table stashed in the back. With chairs. And leaves. It was HUGE. And expensive. I’ve been doing a lot of interweb-surfing lately for this style of furniture, and while smaller objects can be found at semi-affordable prices, the dining tables – not so much. They’re always a fortune. Which is why I really love this table and chairs from West Elm.

Not the tree stump chairs but the oval back chairs. Yeesh. But I’m thinking I’d like to pair mis-matched chairs with it anyway, instead of the ones shown, just to mix things up a bit. By “mix things up a bit,” I mean “I love the chairs too but I can’t afford them.” Let the sale stalking begin.

Another thing I coveted but didn’t buy was this shirt. But unlike the huge modern table, I actually might someday. I think it’s adorable. And a nice alternative style-wise to the ever popular one that is, well, quite similar to the name of my blog. I don't like the font on that one so much.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a trip to the wilds of east Texas to explore corners of the state that no one should ever have any reason to visit. At least I'm getting to take a friend, so it should be fun - I’m not sure I could bear the whole thing alone. And Wednesday and Thursday night’s motel better get good FOX reception, and I know you know why. Oh, yes you do.

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MBQ said...

That kitty photo is way too adorable. And I want that table too. And you should buy it. The End!