Thursday, July 10, 2008

You'll pay for this.

Work slowed down just long enough for me to go get an oil change today. It's my new car's first oil change. I agonized for days over where exactly to take him. Obvs, the usual suspects (Jiffy Lube, etc.) are out. I prefer locally owned. Good rep would be nice (a little googling will turn up any customer rants). It was the first time I'd gotten an oil change in a long time - I forgot how expensive they are. That's the price you pay for getting to call yourself a vee dub driver (no small thing).

He looks good there, but he desperately needs a bath now. And as we're still in the honeymoon period, I'm still doing the bathing by hand. Myself. Place bets now as to how long this will last. It's quite a chore when you live in an apartment building. The other day, as I was climbing out of the car, I nailed my knee on that big plastic deal under the steering wheel. Yeah, we've still got some growing pains.

So any guesses as to what did this to my plant?

Actually it did it to three plants. And has done it on several occasions. This last time was the worst, though. He/she/it all but uprooted my aloe plant. Some things to consider:
-I live on the third floor (top floor) of an apartment building, the plants are on my balcony.
-No trees, stairs, etc. touch the balcony. The only way onto it from the outside would be if you scaled the walls of my building or made a very strategic jump down from the roof.
-The amount of soil dug out of these plants was often several handfulls worth.
-My cat is not responsible.

Ideas? This happens very sporadically. Like maybe once a month.

A high school friend is coming in tomorrow - we're going to paint the tooowwn. Well, as much as myself and a vegan, elementary school teacher can. Hey, we're in our 20s. There's still hope for us.

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Nicole said...

Squirrel. They are ambitious little fuckers and destroy my plants all the time. I often find mini oak trees growing in my plants.