Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Music, polar bears, etc.

What's this I see on design*sponge yesterday?

"Michael from Cursive predicts that polar bears will be a big trend this winter."

Shut up! I don't know who Michael from Cursive is, but that just made my day. Bring it on deesignurs. You make it and put a polar bear on it and I'll buy it. I am your #1 customer. I'm thinking I should make this the all-polar-bears, all-the-time blog. But that would be a bit much, wouldn't it?

Taking a break from polar bears though, this poster is my latest obsession. Srsly.

The fact that I was at this concert and did not somehow attain one breaks my heart. I love it almost as much as the polar bear tray. Almost. Meanwhile, do I have really varied tastes or what? I mean, can you picture this poster and that polar bear tray side-by-side on a wall? But you know what they say, if you love it, it'll work together in your home. Maybe they could work together from separate rooms...

Unfortunately, the poster's not for sale (and I'm too poor to buy the tray) so they're safe for now. I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time earlier today perusing Mostly I was trying to find posters for shows I'd been to, just for fun. The good news for my pocketbook is that most of the posters aren't for sale anywhere.

Speaking of concerts and music (we'll just make that the theme today - that and polar bears), I love this photo of Jeff Tweedy I took at the Wilco show at Stubbs a few weeks back.

I bought the tickets right after I moved back to Austin, before I knew anyone who would go with me, and ended up attending alone. Sad right? But I do really well going stag to concerts. Once the awkward pre-show period is over (standing in a corner sucking down vodka tonics - or at this show, sucking down vodka tonics while registering to vote), I have a blast moving around, taking pictures, or just wiggling my way up to the front. Which was how I took that photo. Wilco was great live, just as I suspected they'd be.

Another great band is Fleet Foxes, whose CD I patiently waited to buy until it was released last week. Once upon I time, I had a job where I was inundated with free CDs of all the hot new bands, usually long before anybody else got their hands on them. Now I have to work to find them, and pay for them. So discovering the Fleet Foxes all on my own was exciting for me. I purchased it just in time for a road trip, and it was perfect summer driving music. Sub Pop does it again.

Okay gotta run. I've got to go home and pour Drano down my kitchen sink (the intricacies of having a disposal still elude me). One more poster before I go. I wasn't at this show, nor have I ever seen Bowie live, but I just loved the looks of it. And hey, no polar bear! I'm branching out.

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Julia said...

OMG, the Fleet Foxes are flippin' awesome. They are my new favorite band now, thanks to you. Thanks for the tip! Yay!! I love finding new music!

Since you're obviously cooler than I am, you probably have already heard of the Kings of Convenience. But just in case, now you have. :-)