Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yes, we have no tomatoes.

Can I just say real quick that I am so sick and tired of not having tomatoes on my sandwiches/burgers/etc! I know it's for my health and whatnot, but I am way too much of a tomato fiend for this to not be painful. It's tomato season for crying out loud! My Schlotzsky's turkey breast sandwich I'm eating for lunch is so not the same.

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system... This Monday's a special day for me. Or rather, would have been. June 23rd would have been my 5 year anniversary of moving to New York. Aww. Just like this year, it was a Monday. I took a flight from DFW to LGA, toting a backpack, suitcase, and an obscenely heavy duffel bag that incurred an extra charge due to weight limits. I took a cab to the YMCA on the Upper West Side and checked in, then went out for a long walk around town. My memories of that day and the six months that followed are really vivid for me. I didn't have a lot of fear about the whole endeavor, but I should have. I had no job (just an unpaid internship), no friends, and no place to live. It was easily one of the scariest things I've ever done. I was 22.

This was taken probably 2-3 weeks after I got there during a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge. I just wore that shirt the other day. I can still get in those jeans, but I won't wear them in public. (sigh)

Anyway, I had put a lot on the number 5 when I lived there. Like, just give it five years, I'd tell myself when times were hard. Then, when 5 finally seemed easily within reach, the phone call came that brought me home. So technically I lived there for four years and eight months. But usually I just round up and say 5. And now I'm back in Austin for my five year anniversary. I would have celebrated it somehow, but now I'll just be up there in spirit.

Whoa, was that thunder? Oh my gosh it was. Mac says it's scary lightning.

Have you ever gotten that graphic on your dashboard? That kinda freaked me out. Like "You are about to be struck by lightning" is your present weather reading. We are so needing rain around here. So long as it's not "blow out your windows" rain.

Okay, I haven't done a "Stuff on Etsy I'd Like to Buy" in a while, so I've got one for ya. No wait, TWO! And only one is a print. Thank God. The first are the bags of DrikaB, discovered via Holly's guest post on SFGirlByBay's blog. They've sold like hot cakes in the last couple of days. No surprise there (those are some popular blogs!).

What a fun summer bag. I don't technically need a new bag right now, but I'm definitely adding her to my "shops to watch" list. The next is (gasp) a print. It's hard to pick just one of Justin Richel's prints. Any of the "stuff coming out of hair" ones will do. I love them all. His shop on Etsy is called Amazing Talking Paintings. Rad.

I think I discovered these through a Portland, ME, roundup on design*sponge. Yup, that must have been it.

Feeling lazy but I've got a lot of projects in the queue for this weekend, so I should get moving. I need to get thee to a Hobby Lobbee.


Sara Christine said...

Those DrikaB bags have been on my wishlist for months. Love love love. I want one of the really super huge totes so everyone can see me coming from a mile away!

ps. Love your blog. :)

Amy Elizabeth said...

good thing this spring i planted a tomato plant in a window box, now i have 4 unripe green cherry tomatoes to last me all summer!

Courtney said...