Sunday, June 8, 2008

The one where I jump on the Sex and the City bandwagon

Okay, I've got to throw my own $0.02 in on Carrie's redecorated apartment in the Sex and the City movie (which I finally got to see this weekend). My biggest takeaway - aside from the beautiful wall color (but then again, I've always loved blue walls) - is the wall behind the bed.

Swiped from CasaSugar, which had an enlightening interview with the designer.

I don't have a proper headboard and probably won't for the next couple of years (at which point my mom gets all her furniture out of storage and I reclaim my antique wooden one). I do however have a couple of big ol' euro pillows that make the absence of the headboard hard to notice. Still, it's always nice to have something anchoring the wall above your bed, and I don't have a regular standby for what I like to keep up there. When I was in my apartment in Astoria, I had four framed illustrations above the bed (my 60s ladies, as I call the set), which were hung to create a square. It worked, but I'd love to have something with a little more punch, like what Carrie's got going on.

Plus, I really miss my office/kitchen wall (my eat-in-kitchen was my office) from my old apartment...

I adored how it turned out. The only problem is that all of my prints are in frames that are exactly the same size. And I love how all of Carrie's are mixed. Hrm, something to keep in mind, I suppose, as I progress with my antiquing and print-buying.

Two more things - I saw my first gas station with $4 gas today. I was passing this gas station on 290 that always has the most expensive gas (probably because it's almost in the middle of nowhere), and there it was: $4.01. I know other parts of the country are way ahead of us, but this is Texas. And apparently, we're right about average.

Upon arriving home, I immediately calculated the gas mileage I've been getting. Awesome on the highway. Major suckage in the city. Plus the regular use of A/C over the past month has only made things worse. This is definitely giving me a proper excuse to skip my high school reunion in a couple of weeks - which is a three hour drive away in Fort Worth. Not that I was looking for one.

And the last thing: Thank you New York Times for giving Friday Night Lights and in particular Kyle Chandler such glowing kudos today. Not that critical acclaim has ever saved a TV show, but it's always nice to see it.

And with that, I shall now display a gratuitous and unnecessary photo of Kyle Chandler. Because I can. And because who doesn't want to see that?

Photo by Andy Ryan.

Yep, that's lovely.

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Anonymous said...

I've been planning on doing something similar to that wall here in my apartment for months now. I just need an actual job with actual money before I take on any more projects. =)