Sunday, November 9, 2008

More from Maker Faire

I still don't have internet. What happened is my DSL provider, after a week of thinking about it, decided they wouldn't be able to provide me with internet access at my new abode. AT&T, you done me wrong. On that note, does anyone need an AT&T DSL box? I can give you a good deal on one - it's less than a year old.

So I had to start from scratch with another company and am waiting for the box, etc., blah. I have found a few spots throughout the apartment which, at certain times of the day, get a somewhat consistent, if faint, signal. So I'm trying to squeeze this in.

Meanwhile, editing photos from Maker Faire doesn't require any webs (though uploading them did - I got lucky). So here are some of those.

A bunch of hula hoopers hulaing. Is that a verb?

A gnome on one of the art cars - the Chia Car. Who doesn't love a gnome?

Another art car, this one known as the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir. It's covered in Big Mouth Billy Bass and lobsters. True story: in college I had a Big Mouth Billy Bass. It was mounted in the entry hallway of my junior-year dorm room and sometimes we would turn it on when people were coming over so that it would serenade them as they walked in. Luckily my decorating tastes have evolved since then (somewhat - see obsession with polar bears).

I wanted one of these necklaces but was good and didn't buy it. After all, I'd been unemployed for two months and was facing a move in the coming weeks. They had a lot of fun stuff, including the popular typewriter key jewelry, which I am always charmed by.

That photo is from their website - The Weekend Store. If I thought my brother wore cuff links, I'd love to get him a set of initial typewriter key cuff links. I think they're the coolest, and plus he's the only person I know who wears a suit and tie to work everyday. He's fancy like that.

Speaking of what we wear to work, I have the rather agonizing task today of figuring out what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow. It'll be my first day. So one wants to be dressed nice, but not too nice. Casual, but not too casual. And it needs to be all ready to go so in the morning I can just throw it on because I'm going to have to get up at like 6:30 am and I haven't had to do that in a really long time and I doubt I'll have many wits about me at that hour.

Also to do today: finish unpacking my clothes (so can tackle above task), unpack the bathroom (so can make myself pretty), set up espresso machine (so can be coherent), and make stuffed peppers for dinner and banana nut bread for breakfast tomorrow (that's right, I got the Maw Maw recipe). Yup, I better get to work.


Tara said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hate those first day jitters!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck tomorrow! I am having the same clothing dilemma here.

floozigrl said...

yay amanda! good luck tomorrow indeed. i am loving the bright photos you are taking these days :)

Elizabeth A. said...

Well, how did the first day go? Can't be too eventful, I suppose. Filling out paperwork and such maybe? Going out to lunch with the new peeps...
BTW, everyday at 6:30 I'm already on the road. That's what I get for working in education versus publication. :)

stacey said...

Thanks for reminding me of the gnome car. Hope your first week on the job is going well. CJ's photo is indeed a good one.

Bean said...

Hey Hi! My Chia Car!