Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fleas and things

I bought these old bottle labels at the Sablon antiques market with no clear idea what to do with them other than that I liked the colors and sorta felt like they went well together.

The man who sold them to me told me I had good taste and thought I was Italian. I think that's a compliment..? He's like Grazie! and I was like Merci! and then we're both like Huh?

It was damn cold that day. The worst day I think. Which was really awful for me because I could have spent all day perusing those booths. As it went, I only bought these labels and a button card. My brother and his family had already gone back to the apartment, but mom toughed it out with me. She loves antiques as much as I do. Though by the end she was pleading with me to just pick out the labels I wanted already so we could get home. Brrr.

So, any ideas for the labels? Other than just framing them? How could I do it creatively? Maybe a shadow box-type deal?

Meanwhile, I've gotten through editing and posting day one of the photos from the trip and am now working on day two. I need a break.

Here's the Grand Place on Christmas Day. I was so jet lagged. But mom was good and knew to get me out and walking around a bit so I didn't crash too early and then wake up at 3 am ready to tackle the day or something to that effect. It worked, for the most part. Jet lag is no fun at all.

Anyway, as I get the days' worth of photos edited, I'll upload them to my flickr. Not sure how many of them I'll put on here so you can just check over there from time to time. I took some pictures of the nieces and nephew too. They are just silly cute. Speaking of...

Yeah so apparently CJ has fleas. WTF? I only noticed them when I got back from Belgium. They weren't there before. He doesn't go outside. So what gives? So I'll probably buy some flea meds on Monday or Tuesday. He's not itching or anything. You can just see the evidence that they're there. Gross. I spent like 20 minutes at Petsmart yesterday looking at cat shampoos but didn't buy any. Perhaps because CJ would not stand to be bathed. But it's a fantasy I have, to make his coat soft and clean and fluffy again, like when he was young. Much like old people, old cats don't do so well with the hygiene (he looks great in that photo, but once you get past the shoulder blades, things go downhill). And this week I found myself wistfully staring at a photo of him that was taken when he was about 1 yr old and marveling at his fur. Maybe I can talk him into it.

As for the Christmas tree report, yes, it is still up. No, I still don't want to take it down. Perhaps am living in denial?


Emerson Merrick said...

Call me a horrible cat torturer, but I force mandatory baths for my cat every few months. Yes, she hates it but the whole thing is over in less than a minute and it's not as traumatic as you'd imagine. He'll eventually forgive you, I promise.

Nicole said...

I know the fleas didn't come from me. :) I too dream of being able to give my boy a proper bath. I then wake up and realize that I value my life and limbs. We tried the tooth brushing thing for a while, but he really didn't like that.

Elizabeth said...

No matter what I do Lulu always at least one or two fleas. She needs a bath but I figure what is the point because she'll just get dirty again.

Tara said...

Oh wow, those labels are amazing. Maybe you can ask around on the Etsy discussion boards...they're so creative over there, someone's BOUND to have some good ideas over there.

Sorry to hear about the kitty fleas. I've only had to deal with a tick or two on Bella (and my insane husband thinking he could burn one off and singeing both Bella and me). Good luck with the kitty bathing if you decide to go through with it. I'd call in back up if you do.