Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seven years later

While editing photos from my trip to Belgium, I was inspired to go dig out this photo of my niece Mary on my brother's shoulders, taken at the end of December 2001.

She used to love sitting on his shoulders, and he'd lean forward ever-so-slightly and she'd squeal and just go into fits of laughter. We were endlessly amused by this.

What reminded me of it? Well, this one, taken at the end of December 2008. Here is my niece Suzanna on my brother's shoulders.

Between his now three children and the countless moves in those seven years since, the poor fellow has lost even more of his hair. But that's what being a daddy does to you. Especially a daddy of such high caliber as he is.

Mary and Suzy's birthdays are only about 2-3 weeks apart so they are very near the same age in these photos. I love that.

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