Friday, January 16, 2009

Liking Lately

-The part of the new Andrew Bird album where he goes "holdonjustaseconddon'ttellmethisoneyouknow i know this one i know this song i know this one i love this song.." That's in "Anonanimal" for those of you keeping track.

-Being in Texas in the winter.

-The first 19 seconds of "Creator" by Santogold. This is an old favorite but I heard it again the other day and remembered how much I loves it. (You should hear me try to sing along with it.)

-Sally Hawkins. I haven't seen Happy-Go-Lucky yet but I loved her as Anne Elliot in Persuasion and her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes was adorable. What a doll.

-Belgian liege waffles. Although I had to leave them behind in Belgium. But I dream of them still. Plan is to find a recipe so I can reproduce in my own kitchen.

-My new white Jack Purcells. But I seriously need to go kick some dirt around with 'em or something. They are TOO bright.

-The return of Friday Night Lights tonight. Yippee skippee! Is it wrong I sorta want to marry Coach Taylor? I mean, I know he's fictional and all..

-This video of a monkey sneezing:

Thank you David Letterman!!


Elizabeth A. said...

You are very cute in that pic. :)

AMH said...

It's true. You do.

And nice kicks, btw.