Friday, February 6, 2009

On language and stress

Gotta get my 30 Rock geek-out down here. I loved it last night. Most notably Liz Lemon responding to a cake-baking Jon Hamm as most any woman would: "I want to go to there." I am pretty much obsessed with this line, which you might remember also being spoken in the high school reunion episode as Liz's response to the offer of an Outback Steakhouse gift certificate.

From this site:
In addition to "I will put my mouth on his mouth" (with Tina Fey emphasizing "mouth" both times, which makes it read even funnier), we also witnessed the return of "I want to go to there," uttered after Drew apologizes for smelling like frosting on account of all the baking he's been doing. Fey has credited the line to her daughter Alice, and to my ear, it is pretty much never not funny.

Small children should be the source of all great comedic lines - especially when they are being used by 38-year-old women. Genius. My other favorite Liz-isms include "Blerg!" (which had a falling off this season but featured more prominently in previous seasons). And another favorite from the high school reunion episode is the insult "jag-weed," which I can only presume is the artful combination of "jagoff" and "dillweed." I plan to sub this in for my all-too-frequent use these days of "douche-bag" (which I'm blaming Jon Stewart for), and which I read once should really not be used too lightly and really be reserved for true a-holes and I agree, so on that note will try to work in "jag-weed" more often instead.

PS - My apologies to my family for that last paragraph.

Another highlight in my week? Discovering my new Jack Purcells in the new J. Crew catalog as the "it" sneaker for spring. Cos I worship it and desperately want to be dressed exactly like everyone in it, so am apparently well on my way with my new shoes.

Also discovering the new Bird and the Bee album, via LaLa. More new music, yay! I'm not sure that the whole album is genius or anything, but the first handful of songs are so addictively good as to have been on constant repeat for three days or so now. Here's the duo on Jay Leno (not the coolest venue but whatev), with a stellar backup of go-go girls.

I feel like the blog is sorta lacking these days but work has just been keeping me so busy. Plus am still editing photos from Belgium because all I want to do when I get home lately is zone out staring at the TV or work on ripple blanket as way of relieving stress from the day, and the evenings are when I'd typically be editing photos or blogging and, so, yeah.

And I got my apartment so sparkly clean and pretty last weekend and now feel it is total disaster again as cat has been dispersing litter and barf all over it and also was running late this morning and was getting into shower and large roach was waiting on shower curtain, which was incredibly uncool and upsetting. It's bad when the majority of words uttered in your day by the time you get to work are f*ck. As is my typical response to oversleeping and finding giant roach on shower curtain.

Okay, better get back to work cos, yeah, there's a lot to do. Later jag-offs!


brandi said...

I KNEW IT. i hadn't read that tina had actually credited alice for "i want to go to there" [also one of my fave things ever], but the second i saw/heard it for the first time--like, the glazed expression and the way she said it? i was like, "that is a 3 year old talking." i have learned a lot in my years of childcare.

AMH said...

Also? The return of Sabor de Soledad. Now with more bull semen. Best ever!