Sunday, February 1, 2009

When crafts attack

When crafts attack your coffee table, it might end up looking a bit like this.

Don't be afraid. The carnage is not as bad as it looks. Also you can click on the photo to get a breakdown of what all is going on there. It's a lot. I'm proud to say that today my coffee table is much improved, if not totally clear of the stuff. I did a big clean-up yesterday--mostly focused on cleaning the floors but everything got a little bit of tidying up. I love hardwoods, but damn, when it comes time to clean 'em, it's a pain. Swiffer to the rescue.

Now that all the holiday gifts are done, and baby gifts are almost done (next one's due in April, so I've got a short break), I was so very happy to bust out my ripple blanket again. I fully expected it to take a long time, so I don't rush it, and I set it aside when I need to. I love how it's always there, waiting in the wings for when I return. Plus it keeps my lap warm while I work. CJ loves it too.

I took that photo in Austin back when I was about to stop working on it for awhile, so it hasn't grown much since then. Just a few rows.. No rush, it seems to say.

This week at work has been keeping me so very busy. I hope that works in my favor when the layoffs come. If they come. When they come. Do we get to say "if" anymore in magazines? I still think one layoff per recession per person should be enough, and I've already gotten mine, so if I get another one, it just means the universe is out to get me.

Didn't have much time to browse the blogs, but I did get terribly addicted to this song. I think I'm a year behind on the Bon Iver bandwagon fun-times, but it is a lovely album, and "Flume" in particular, and it suits this time of year so much. Also it doesn't make much sense lyrics-wise, which I take no issue with, so long as the sound of the words and the music work together well. I think this is the primary idea behind Mr. Bird as well, which Paste magazine clearly didn't get.

Here's a choice snippet from their review:
"You might start by looking up the word radiolarian. The dictionary says it’s a protozoan. So you look up protozoan and learn that it’s a eukaryote. Before you know it you’re looking up organelle and cytoplasm and eventually end up with the word cell—you’re pretty sure that radiolarian isn’t a fancy way of saying cell, but you’re kind of pissed off that a lyric sent you on such a goose chase, plus, now you feel stupid and don’t even care what the word means anymore."

Dude. Why are you even stopping to look up the words anyway? I'm not against looking up words. I'm all for expanding the vocabulary. But if you gotta understand every word out of his mouth to enjoy the music, then Andrew Bird's just not for you. Do yourself a favor, put down the dictionary, and just listen, mmmkay? Geeze. These music reviewers today.

Oh, and also, today is this beautiful girl's birthday (seen here with her mom).

She's 8!! WTF, when did that happen? Oh my gosh, so big. Pls stop growing. Also, am sorry prezzie from your aunt is late. Should be arriving any day now I hope.


Rana Royale said...

Love the craft table. Unfortunately, I have an entire room that looks like that! LOL

Elizabeth A. said...

Holy crap - I remember when she was born and her birth "info" was on our dry erase board with the orange marker. Spring semester 2001...gotta love the junior year dorm room. Awww. Haas Hall rocks! :)