Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sugar explosion

Every year, soon as lent is over, I go nuts with the sugar. While I am going without, I stockpile Easter candy, and the inevitable Girl Scout cookies that come in during that time. And then once Easter rolls around, I bury my face in it (much to my tummy's dismay). Mmmm.

Yesterday, some PR lady came by the office to bring us some of this:

I'd never heard of Graeter's before, but apparently it's an Ohio-based ice cream company, and this is the first time their stuff has been available in Texas (but only in Kroger stores in Houston and Dallas it seems). They brought us three flavors, which we all promptly tried. My favorite was the Blueberry Pie flavor. Swoon. I love ice cream on pie, but pie in ice cream, well that's just fabulous.

I love regional goods. It feels exclusive when you get to buy them, like you're in a special club. But since they're everywhere in "the region," they are often taken for granted. Which I discovered during those long five years in New York without Blue Bell ice cream. And Braum's. And Sonic Cherry Limeades (though I wouldn't necessarily consider Sonic "regional," but they are sorta absent from the northeast). Yeah, that was painful. What's your favorite regional treat?

I was at Krogers, as it happens, after work and saw the Graeter's. Five dollars a pint! Yeesh. I'll wait for a sale. So instead I perused the new flavors of Ben & Jerry's, which were on sale, and spied this one.

Had to try it. I only had a few bites last night, but it was nice. Some people really don't like marzipan, and if that's the case, then this is not for you. But I thought the almond cookies in there were delish. Of course my favorite B&J flavor ever is Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. To die for.

Also it looks like they have brought back Triple Caramel Chunk and are hailing it as new although I can remember eating that flavor in college. I'm just sayin'.

Okay, I'll stop prattling on about ice cream now. New Music Spring '09 continues with the latest from Camera Obscura. NPR is doing their sneak peek again (like they did for Andrew Bird), so I've been listening to it non-stop at my desk. I love when they do that. Thanks NPR, for being so awesome.

Back during my music magazine days, I interviewed the lead singer after their last album came out. I just loved it and begged to do a story on them. I'm a total FAIL at music writing, and it was the most in-depth thing I wrote while I was there, which isn't saying much since it was short and only ran on their website. But I was quite proud of it.

Lastly, yesterday was my nephew's birthday (yep, he was born on tax day). I can't believe WillBaby is already 7. How did that happen? What a fine-looking chap he is growing up to be.

And for this birthday, my present arrived on time. Score!


Elizabeth said...

B&J's oatmeal cookie chunk is my favorite too. Did you ever try the Festivus flavor? It was very good. Skip the creme brulee. It is way too sweet.

MBQ said...

GAAAAAAH I miss Graeter's! We had it in Dayton and I still dream of it. Sigh.