Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Get excited

Yay. I whole-heartedly agree. Go forth.

Spotted on 20x200 today. Design by Matt Jones benefiting Creative Commons.

Album of the week this week is Blind Pilot. It's one I've been poking at for the last couple of months but only just got into it full throttle now (Andrew, Neko, and others have been postponing).

This morning on NPR, I heard that a good bit of the album was written in Astoria, Oregon, which made me think immediately of the post Alicia wrote all about Astoria, and how mystical and lovely and eerily evocative it is. Suddenly the album made perfect sense. Enjoy! And I'll get back to doing research on boring stuff I no longer care about. Yaaaay...?

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Julia said...

Blind Pilot is pretty rad - thanks for sharing. I think if The Shins and the Fleet Foxes had a baby, this is what it would sound like.