Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh my

I let myself just dip a toe into Etsy this morning. Never a good idea in my current financial state, to be sure. It had been far too long since I'd visited Berkley Illustration's store (I was a verified stalker of it last year, when I bought three prints). There are many new creatures both large and small that Ryan has drawn, but oh this one tempts me more than any:

Oh my. Polar bears are obviously at the top of my list of animals I am inexplicably attached to. But lions and horses are quite close behind them. (Although, despite my joy at the sight, that would be one hot, bloody mess if you got all three of them in a room together. Yeesh.)

I may have to add this to the wish list. He would look quite fine alongside my polar bear print. Even better, Ryan should draw a lioness to go along with him. And then my life would be complete. Sigh.

Also, I just discovered something quite strange. When I first started this blog about a year ago, I was living in Austin, obvs, and chose the name. And at one point I tried to find it via google and it was just near impossible (the phrase "Keep Austin Weird" is quite popular, you see). So just this morning, I googled the blog name without thinking (usually I just type the address in) and it was on the first page of google. Wha?? So I think in some highly technical internets way, that is a good thing.

However, I was just recently considering finally changing this over to Keeping Dallas Weird, since it's been almost 6 months now that I've been up here. But I dunno, should I just keep it as is? I'm not sure there's any way to move all the previous entries over to the new address, which is a drag. And the google development is sorta cool.

Meanwhile, I keep thinking that people are stumbling upon this blog and start looking around thinking this is an Austin person's blog and then they're like, "Yo, this bitch lives in Dallas! I'm out." I feel like it's a bit misleading that way. I do still love Austin, and hope in this wee little corner of my heart that I'll return someday, but maybe it is time to let go and devote myself anew to weirdifying Dallas. (Tho regardless of outcome, rest assured I'm still keeping my 512 cell phone number.)

Suggestions? I think there's only 10 people reading at the most, so perhaps am giving this too much thought..


Elizabeth said...

I don't know what to tell you. I've been in North Carolina for almost 6 months and I'm in the Austin network on Facebook. Definitely keeping the 512 cell phone number.

Elizabeth A. said...

Just keep Austin. Who cares. You define in the corner why you scratched out Austin, so I think you're good.

Sarah said...

The lion is much too civilized and genteel to eat a horse or polar bear. He can afford a custom-tailored suit - he certainly wouldn't stoop to hunt his own food. You might want to watch out for his room service bill, though.